Welcome to the  Cardinal District Civitan. The Cardinal District supports Civitan Service Clubs in Ohio and West Virginia. Each Civitan Club helps their own community where the need arises.

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Civitan Mission


Our Mission of the Cardinal District is to promote the long term health and vitality of our clubs through implementing growth strategies for building new clubsand recruiting members into existing clubs, serving as a conduit of ideas between clubs and Civitan International.


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Cardinal District Mission

Civitan Creed


I AM CIVITAN, as old as life, as young

as the rainbow, as endless as time.

MY HANDS do the work of the world and

reach out in service to others.

MY EARS hear the cry of children and

the call throughout the world for peace,

guidance, progress, and unity.

MY EYES search for others to join in the

fellowship and service of Civitan.

MY MOUTH utters the call to daily duty

and speaks prayers in every tongue.

MY MIND teaches me respect for law and

the flag of my country.

MY HEART beats for every friend, bleeds

for every injury to humanity, and throbs with joy at every triumph of truth.

MY SOUL knows no fear but its own unworthiness.

MY HOPE is for a better world through Civitan.

MY MOTTO: Builders of good citizenship.

MY BELIEF: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

MY PLEDGE: To practice the Golden Rule and build upon it a better and nobler Citizenship

2021-2022 Membership is now open! Learn more about our organization and special events taking place this year. Interested in joining a Civitan Club in the Cardinal District? Please contact us today. We look forward to talking to you!

Our Past Governor Doug Baxter helping the Dayton Civitan Club making blankets for the Foster Home Kids photo below.


Award ceremonies are important to show appreciation to outstanding clubs and members.


Cardinal District Meeting


Important is Fellowship for all Civitan's. 



We bring people of all ages together who share a common interest, to bond and create friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Find out more about becoming a member of Civitan Club in our district. Clubs meet regularly to discuss upcoming events, finalize plans and make important Community decisions. All members are welcome to join. Check the Civitan Club near you now.



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