October:   Civitan year begins

           2: Deadline for Adds/Deletes for 2017-18

         25: October dues billing delinquent after this date

         31:  Halloween


Fall District Meeting: November 10, 2018, Vienna, WV


Wayside United Methodist Church

3001 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, WV 26105

Hosted by the Vienna Civitan Club



  1: Deadline for District Club Awards due to Helen Weed

11: Veterans Day

10: Cardinal District Fall Meeting, Wayside UM Church,

      Vienna, WV

15: Deadline for Club Officer Certification

         22: Thanksgiving


1:   International Honor Club application due for 2017-2018

25:  Christmas

31: Deadline for Adds/Deletes for Jan-March quarter billing


            1:  New Year’s Day

            19-22:  Governor-Elect Training – Birmingham, AL

         25: Jan & Mar dues delinquent after this date

25-28: Sno–Do for Junior Governors in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

31: Deadline for submitting District Scholarship Applications


4-7: Clergy Appreciation Week

9-11 Sno-Do for Junior Civitan governors

18:  Presidents Day

14:  Valentine’s Day


17:  102nd Anniversary of Founding of First Civitan Club

31: Deadline for Adds/Deletes for Apr-June quarter billing


Spring District Meeting:    April 13, 2019     

                                     Berlin Encore Hotel and Suites
                               4365 State Route 39, Berlin, Ohio 44610
                                            Hosted by the Mansfield Club



             Club Officer Elections in Spring

          1:  Easter

          7:  Area Director semi-annual reports due

        13: Cardinal District Spring Meeting, Encore Hotel & Suites,

             Berlin, Ohio,      

        20: Founding of Civitan International in 1920

        25: International and district dues delinquent after this date



          1: International Honor Key Nomination deadline

          20: Armed Forces Day

28: Memorial Day


1:  Complete Club Officer Elections for 2018-2019

20-23: International Convention for Junior Civitans, Washington DC area

28-30:  Ohio State Special Olympics in Columbus, Ohio

30:  Deadline for Adds/Deletes for July-Sept quarter billing


          1: Deadline for District Individual Awards presented in August

2: Deadline reporting for 2018-2019 Club Officers to International

International Convention:  July 3-6, 2019

                                Greenville, South Carolina    

        20: International and district dues for July-Sept delinquent after this date 


District Convention:               August 3, 2019

                                             Ohio University Inn,

  1. Richland Ave, Athens, OH 45701

                                        Hosted by Athens Civitan Club



2:  Labor Day

15: Club Plan of Action to Governor Elect 2018-2019


Cardinal District Web Site www.civitancardinaldistrict.org

District on Facebook: Civitan Cardinal District


Civitan International Web Site: www.civitan.org

Civitan International Research Center Web Site: www.circ.uab.edu

Civitan International Facebook Pages:   Civitan International, Junior Civitan International, Campus Civitan International


PLEASE send any Directory corrections to District Secretary Lauren King

2019 Report on the Spring District Meeting
246 photos from the District meeting link. You can download the photo you want:
Report on Cardinal District Spring Meet[...]
Microsoft Word document [31.4 KB]

246 pictures from the Spring 2019 District Meeting can be seen and downloaded at this link https://www.flickr.com/gp/15484248@N07/m4Gmms

Recap August 2018 Convention With Photos
Columbus Convention Report.docx
Microsoft Word document [5.8 MB]
Summary Cardinal District Meeting November, 2018
This is being distributed to all of the club officers in the Cardinal District. Please forward it to all of your club members by email or regular mail, as necessary. (Sorry for sending two distributions so close together. There will be no more this month.)

I have attached a summary (with some pictures) of the speakers, topics, awards, and events that took place at the Salt Fork District Meeting on November 17-18. Sorry that this took so long, I did not decide to do it until after the fact. It is my intent to do this after the remaining two district meetings, but in a more timely manner.

Hopefully, this will communicate and document the content of the meeting for those who did attend and for those who did not. It is not intended to replace "being there". It is intended to distribut
Adobe Acrobat document [714.0 KB]
Winter International Magazibe 2017
winter 2017 Civitan International Magazi[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [19.5 MB]

Centennial Celebration Tool Kit



Want to Become a Member?
Application Word Document
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