Cardinal District Scholarship Application

This is the Scholarship Application and must be submmitted on-line!!!!!
Here is the link for applicants to use. Applications MUST be submitted online, using this link.
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2021 Cardinal District Scholarship Infomation
One fresh beginning is the Cardinal District Scholarship. The application deadline is JANUARY 31, 2021. This money is available as a $1,000 Scholarship, paid to the accredited school of the winning applicant, not to the individual winner. You must be a Cardinal District Junior / Campus / (Senior) Civitan, or a “family member” of a Cardinal District Civitan. A family member is defined as a son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, great-grandchild, parent, spouse or sibling of a current member of Cardinal District Civitan. There is no age range for applicants.
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The West Virginia Civitan District had a Foundation, which raised money for scholarships by establishing West Virginia Civitan Fellows. When Ohio District Civitans merged with West Virginia District Civitans, we all became Cardinal Civitans.


Now we are going to use that money to grant some scholarships. We will also have the opportunity for Cardinal Civitans to become Fellows in this Fund. The cost is $300 per Fellowship, payable over 3 years. The Fund is 501(c)(3).


The Cardinal District Civitan Scholarship Committee has an application, which we are posting on this website. Clubs may nominate more than one applicant, if so desired. The information is clearly stated in the application.


All forms & recommendations of the application are due to Carol Wolters by January 31, 2018. My address is in the application form. The winner(s) will be announced hopefully in April, 2018. 

Please take this opportunity to assist someone to further his/her education, so they may also become “Builders of Good Citizenship.”


Thank you!


John C Wolters

Cardinal District Governor



PDF Version of Scholarship Application
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Want to Become a Member?
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