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George Washington                    Charleston Civitan Club

November 10, 1999                       November 1925


Harding High                                Marion Civitan Club

March 13, 2010                              December 4, 1965


Jackson Middle School               Vienna Civitan Club

December 16, 2002                        August 1955


John Adams                                  Charleston Civitan Club

July 1, 1997                                    November 1925 


Richland County                           Mansfield Civitan Club

Pending Charter                             July 30, 1960


              Officers Junior Civitan Cardinal District

Cardinal District Junior Civitan Officers

July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

“Discover Your Why in Junior Civitans”


Governor Jhanvi Sheth

(C) 304-444-8037                                      

Email: cardinaljcgov@gmail.com


Deputy Governor Kinley Zeigler

(C) 304-550-9303                                                

Email: cardinaljcdepgov@gmail.com


Lt. Governor Niyala Kanuri

(C) 304-687-0768                                                

Email: cardinaljcltgov@gmail.com


Secretary/Treasurer Lorelei Wright

(C) 304-945-1205                                                

Email: cardinaljcsec@gmail.com


Public Relations Coordinator Lily Sutherland

(C) 304-419-8220                                                

Email: cardinaljcprc@gmail.com



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